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Te mōtika ki te uru whenua me te whiwhi tohu taitara whenua

Right of way and land title certification

As a landowner, you have certain rights and obligations regarding your property and access to it.

​Who should apply for a right of way or other land title certification

Right of way and other land title applications are usually made by cadastral surveyors and legal professionals because the reasons for applying are legislative and technical in nature.

There are several technical matters under the Resource Management Act and Local Government Act that require council action, but are not dealt with through standard resource consent processing.

For example:

  • creation of a right of way under section 348 of the Local Government Act 1974
  • cancellation of an easement under section 243(e) of the Resource Management Act 1991
  • cancellation of amalgamation conditions under section 241(3) of the Resource Management Act 1991
  • certificate confirming an allotment is in accordance with the requirements of the Auckland Unitary Plan (Operative in Part) and under section 226(e)(ii) of the Resource Management Act 1991.

How to apply online for a right of way or other land title certification

As well as the completed application, we may need additional information so we can make legislative assessments.

For example, we may need a Record of Title or the proposed plans.

If you are not an approved credit account customer, provide a completed a resource consent declaration form as part of your online application.

​Apply here online for any of the following:


Right of Way (s348 LGA)

Cancel Easement (s243(e) RMA)

Cancellation of amalgamation conditions (241(3) RMA

226 Certificate

Other non-RMA planning matters.

See Ways to pay online for information on all payment options.


Apply now


We only accept online applications for right of way or other land title certifications. If you are unable to apply digitally, visit one of our libraries with council services for assistance in making your online application.

If there is no way to provide digital copies of your plans or documents, visit one of our libraries with council services. Our staff will accept your documents for an additional charge. The charge covers costs involved with us scanning your documents into our digital consent system.

Call us on 09 301 0101 to speak with our building and planning help desk if you have questions regarding your application.

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