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Water conservation efforts
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Design of the stormwater system

Hoahoatia he pūnaha wai āwha

What the stormwater system design needs to address

The design of the stormwater system needs to address:

  • the Auckland Council standards, including the requirements of the regional National Discharge Consent (NDC)
  • environmental requirements
  • minimisation of flood risk to life and property
  • safety
  • service life, maintenance risks and costs.

Stormwater Code of Practice

This guideline document sets the standards for designing and constructing:

  • public stormwater assets
  • assets to be vested to the council.

The code of practice is available on the Auckland Design Manual website.

Auckland region Network Discharge Consent (NDC)

If you are planning a development, we may be able to authorise the discharge of stormwater under our regionwide NDC.

The NDC sets out a range of requirements for connecting to the stormwater network and assets to be vested to the council.

Before applying for the NDC, refer to the Stormwater Management Devices Guide (GD01) and Water Sensitive Design Guide (GD04).

For more information about the NDC, email our Healthy Waters team.

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