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Te ruke i te ua marangai ki raro i tā mātou whakaaetanga Network Discharge Consent

Discharging stormwater under our Network Discharge Consent (NDC)

The NDC is a single, regionwide consent to discharge stormwater. It replaces the previous 116 different authorisations.

How the NDC works

The NDC provides clear processes and requirements for stormwater discharge throughout the Auckland region. These can be tailored to specific sites and scenarios, helping to make stormwater management plans easier to prepare.

The NDC is a key tool in the management and integration of Auckland's natural water assets. Improved monitoring and control of the region's stormwater will potentially help mitigate the impacts of flooding and climate change.

It should also lead to improved conditions for many communities and the environment.

It applies to:

  • existing diversions and discharges of stormwater from the public network
  • new or modified diversions and discharges resulting from stormwater network upgrades
  • future diversions and discharges resulting from extending the public network to service intensification and growth.

Monitoring stormwater discharges

Stormwater quality and discharge performance will be measured and monitored against defined standards.

NDC amendments

The NDC went through a publicly notified hearings process and was granted in April 2019, but was appealed shortly afterwards.

Following mediation with different groups, we amended several conditions to clarify and improve how the consent operates.

The Environment Court issued the consent order in October 2019.

More information

For more information on the consent and NDC authorisation process, refer to the technical guides on the Auckland Design Manual website or email our Healthy Waters specialists.

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