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The Fire Engineering Brief (FEB) process

The purpose of the FEB process is to identify and discuss fire safety design solutions with stakeholders at an early stage.

Fire safety design solutions

Your project needs to comply with the building codes fire safety design requirements clauses C1 to C6.

Designs using acceptable solutions are not subject to the FEB process.

You will need to follow the FEB process if your project has fire safety design solutions that:

Your designer or engineer can tell you if you need to follow the FEB process.

Understanding the FEB process

You can read about the FEB process and related information in our Fire Protection Policy.

​Auckland Council position statement for the acceptance of fire stopping

How to start the FEB process

You will need to request pre-application guidance to start the FEB process.

You should know

  • The decision to discuss the FEB formally is solely at our discretion; all applications need to be submitted for a review and decision.
  • A peer reviewer cannot undertake this process on our behalf.
  • If you have difficulty attaching large files to the online form, email the FEB team:
  • FEB meetings are held only at the Central Service Centre, 35 Graham Street, Auckland CBD.

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