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Property sales information

​Why details of property sales are shared

We are required to share information regarding the sale and purchase of a property by the Valuer General. This is to ensure transparency on the valuations calculated for rating purposes.

We are also driven by legislation and regulations relating to rating and valuation:

  • Section 31 of the Local Government (Rating) 2002 requires us to be notified of any change of ownership of a property within one month of a sale or transfer.
  • Section 7 of the Rating Valuations Act 1998 requires us to prepare and maintain a District Valuation Roll as specified under Valuer General’s rules.
  • The Valuer General’s rules regulate the content of the District Valuation Roll and the registers required to support it.

For more information on rating valuations, see Rating Valuations Rules 2008.

Where property sales data is shared

We supply information regarding property sales to educational institutes, free of cost.

Commercial enterprises are charged a convenience fee for property sales data.

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