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Animal management staff hourly fees

These rates are charged where there is no set fee and where appropriate.​

Read fee table.
Description Hourly rate
Technical Level 2: Building – Residential 2, 3 and all Commercial, Planning, Engineering, Monitoring, other – Senior, Intermediate, Principal, Team leader$198
Technical Level 3: All areas – Manager, Project lead, Legal services$207
Administration (all areas)$111
Animal management and other (excluding specialist or advisors or senior)$169.80


  • The particular technical hourly rate level is determined by staff competency levels.
  • Position titles vary across Auckland Council.
  • Where the cost of the external resource involved does not exceed the Auckland Council staff rate, external resources will be charged at the senior or intermediate rate.
  • Where the cost of the external resource involved exceed the Auckland Council rates, it will be charged at cost.

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