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Requirements for keeping birds and poultry

Ngā mea e āhei ai koe ki te tiaki manu me te heihei

Under the Animal Management Bylaw 2015, you must meet certain requirements for keeping birds and poultry.

​Provide shelter

Chickens should have access to an area of land greater than three square metres and include:

  • an enclosed rainproof chicken coop for sleeping and laying eggs
  • at least 30cm of roost or perch per chicken
  • a minimum roof height of 60cm
  • a surface for pecking and scratching
  • a secluded nesting area.

Where to place your chicken coop

Set up the coop in a place that is least likely to cause a nuisance to neighbours.

Our tip

Keep chicken coops at least 1m from neighbouring fences.

Ensure that chickens are confined and that they cannot freely leave the property.

Keep chicken coops clean

To keep your chicken coop clean, you should:

  • line nesting boxes and chicken coop floors with hay, wood chips (untreated), sawdust or shredded newspaper so that it can be easily removed when cleaned out
  • regularly bag and remove waste (at least once a week).

Prevent infestations of vermin

Excess food and bedding waste can attract flies, mice and rats to a property.

Once vermin find an accessible food supply, they will continue to return, leaving excrement that can:

  • contaminate chicken feed and water
  • expose owners and neighbours to diseases.
Make sure you regularly dispose of waste.

Our tip

Rather than scattering food across the ground, use a vermin proof container specifically for poultry feeding. These also keep out the rain and give poultry good access to dry pellets or grain.

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