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Rīpoatahia ngā kararehe pāmu kōtiti kua ngaro noa rānei

Report wandering and missing livestock

Phone us on 09 301 0101 to report:

  • livestock wandering in any public area, including motorways or state highways
  • missing or lost livestock.

Wandering livestock on private property

We are not required to collect or impound any stock that is trespassing on private property.

If we cannot collect the livestock, you need to either:

  • return the livestock to the owner
  • take the livestock to the nearest animal management centre.

It is still a good idea to report trespassing livestock to us, as we may be able to locate the owner, who can arrange for the animals to be picked up.

It is an offence to wilfully cause any stock to stray or wander onto any road. You must not release the stock if we are unable to collect it.

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