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Slaughtering animals and disposing of animal remains

Te patu kararehe me te whakawātea o ngā whēkau

Slaughter of livestock

Slaughter of livestock is allowed only on properties larger than 4000 square metres.

Livestock animals include:

  • sheep
  • goats
  • cattle
  • deer
  • llamas
  • alpacas
  • donkeys
  • mules
  • horses
  • pigs.

Slaughter of poultry

Slaughter of small poultry is allowed on all properties.

Controls around the slaughter of animals

There are strict controls around the slaughter of animals.

Any person slaughtering animals must comply with the Animal Welfare Act 1999 to ensure the animal does not suffer unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress.

Animal slaughter can be carried out by a registered vet or official complying with the:

Disposing of animal remains

You may not leave animal remains on any land. This creates a risk to public health and safety.

You must dispose of animal remains in accordance with the Solid Waste Bylaw 2012.