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If your dog goes missing, please check the Auckland Council Impounded Animals Facebook page or call our contact centre on 09 301 0101.


Report a lost dog

Rīpoatahia he kurī kua ngaro

You should know

Before you start

Include a photo of your dog in your report. A photo and microchip details (if possible) are the most useful details for identifying your dog.

Note: Follow these restrictions when saving the file you want to upload:

  • limit file size to 15MB or less
  • acceptable file formats include jpeg, jpg, png.

We will send your details to our animal shelters. You should also visit our animal shelters to check if your dog has been found.

You can also call us on 0800 462 685.

We may impound your dog if it is straying or wandering.

Five minutes estimated time to complete this form.