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Auckland Council

Report excessive dog barking

Rīpoathia ina tautau rawa he kurī

A noisy dog can distress and disrupt neighbours. We receive complaints about excessive barking, howling or whining.

Is the owner aware their dog is barking?

Before you make a complaint, consider the following:

  • Is the barking loud and persistent?
  • Is it safe to speak with the owner?
  • Can you leave a note in their mailbox?

How to make a complaint about dog barking

Read more about the complaint procedure and see a letter template if you want to leave a note in a dog owner's mailbox.

If you have contacted the dog owner and there is no improvement, or if you believe it is unsafe or do not feel comfortable approaching the owner, then call us on 0800 462 685 to report excessive barking,

What we do when we receive a complaint

We give the dog's owner advice, information and encouragement to help prevent excessive barking.

If there is no improvement two weeks after the initial complaint, we may serve a noise abatement notice and take further action.

To report excessive barking, call us on 0800 462 685.

What happens next

If we find that the dog is barking to a nuisance level and the owner has not made improvements to the situation, we can:

  • send a formal letter to the owner
  • issue a barking abatement notice
  • issue an infringement for breaching the barking abatement notice with a $200 fee
  • impound the dog for breaching the barking abatement notice
  • keep the dog until we are satisfied the owner will address the barking effectively
  • prosecute the owner.

If we prosecute the owner for breaching the notice, the court can impose a fine of up to $1500.

For a list of infringement offences and fees, see the Dog Control Act.

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