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Te whakakorenga o te mau Raihana Whaiwhakaaro ki te Kurī

Revocation of Responsible Dog Owner Licence (RDOL)

Reasons why we can revoke an RDOL

We can revoke your RDOL following:

  • a substantiated complaint about your dog
  • impoundment of your dog
  • seizure of your dog
  • abatement or infringement under the Dog Control Act 1996
  • your dog being caught roaming twice in a 12 month period
  • your dog not being registered on time.

Revocation conditions

Loss of RDOL will be for a full 12 month registration period.

Loss of RDOL will continue to be in force if you get any further infringements in the 12 months following initial revocation.

We will let you know if we revoke your RDOL

If you failed any of the criteria for RDOL, we will send you a letter to:

  • advise that you have breached conditions of the RDOL
  • advise that we are revoking your RDOL
  • explain how to apply to have your RDOL reinstated.

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