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Auckland's Climate Action Framework

What is Auckland's Climate Action Framework?

Auckland's Climate Action Framework will:

  • set a path to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • help prepare Auckland for the impacts of climate change.

Auckland Council has committed to lead the way, but we can't do this alone. A rapid and fair transition will need collaboration and commitment across the region.

We will be working with central government, mana whenua, businesses and communities.

By working together we can develop and co-deliver a framework for a low carbon and resilient Auckland that is better for everyone.

Why we need a climate action framework

Auckland’s climate is changing.

We are already starting to see higher temperatures, increased drought, more intense rainfall events and sea level rise. We expect to see more change over the next 100 years.

Climate change will impact on our communities, infrastructure, economy and natural environment.

At the same time, Auckland’s emissions are not decreasing. The government has signalled its intention for New Zealand to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Auckland is taking action, but we need to do our part in delivering the Paris agreement targets to keep temperature increases below dangerous levels i.e. 1.5°C.

Raising our ambitions in addressing climate change will also provide major opportunities and benefits to Auckland.

These include:

  • cleaner air and water
  • healthier communities
  • better housing choice and places to live
  • more accessible transport.

We made these ambitions clear in the recently approved Auckland Plan 2050. The Auckland Climate Action Framework will help deliver the Auckland Plan’s high level vision on climate change.

Read the Auckland Climate Action Framework consultation.

Zero Carbon Bill

Meeting the challenges of climate change will need collaboration across all sectors of New Zealand.

We are working with central government to ensure we take coordinated action to achieve our goals in the most effective and efficient ways.

The Zero Carbon Bill sets up the architecture to achieve a net-zero-emissions, climate-resilient New Zealand.

The Auckland Climate Action Framework will identify and deliver the specific actions that are particular to Auckland’s situation and needs. It will also help deliver on national objectives.

Go to the Ministry for the Environment website to find out more about the Zero Carbon Bill.