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Te Hōtaka Haumanu Wai Ora (Pūtea Whakaineine Kanorau Koiora)

Healthy Waters Haumanu Programme (biodiversity offset bank)

A completed Ecobank project at Sherwood Reserve, on the Taiaotea stream in Browns Bay.

The Healthy Waters Haumanu programme delivers meaningful environmental improvement for Tāmaki Makaurau's waterways.

It does this by connecting developers with opportunities when they cannot avoid negative environmental impacts within their own project.

Organisations can access our network of projects if they have already tried to mitigate the adverse environmental effects of their developments.

About our programme

The Healthy Waters Haumanu programme aims to:

  • provide a sustainable and commercial solution to the offset provision in the resource consent process
  • be the link between the regulatory process for developments and environmental projects
  • deliver projects faster than if developers worked independently, creating better environmental outcomes.

Why our programme is needed

The resource consent process may require developers to provide 'offsets' (compensation) for their project if it has negative effects on a waterway.

It can be hard for developers to provide an offset on their own properties, particularly in urban areas.

This is where the Haumanu team comes in. We have the technical expertise, a database of potential projects, and the knowledge to deliver offset projects.

Several developers can contribute towards one programme. This can speed up the delivery timeline and create more substantial environmental outcomes.

How to apply to the Haumanu programme

The Haumanu programme assigns a value (or a quantity of credits) to an ecological enhancement project based on the proposed improvement to the stream.

Projects are then matched with developers seeking to purchase credits to enable their works as part of the regulatory process.

Bringing projects to the offset bank

Private stream projects can also be considered.

If your waterway needs help, we may be able to deliver an ecological enhancement project at no cost to you.

We do this by:

  • connecting you with one of our suppliers
  • using our suppliers to assess the waterway
  • having the project submitted to us for consideration.

Criteria for offset bank

We will consider a project for offset bank funding if it meets the criteria.

Projects must:

  • relate to a permanent stream with a reasonable depth and width
  • achieve notable ecological benefits in addition to any legally required work
  • have landowners responsible for fencing and agree to provide a covenant in favour to permanently protect the project area.

If you have a legal requirement to do something on your property, you cannot use the offset bank to fund it.

Potential projects will be reviewed and considered for the offset bank by the Healthy Waters commercial partnerships team.

To get involved, contact us at

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