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He whakapai ake i te kounga wai i ngā muriwai

Improving water quality in lagoons

​We are working with the community to improve the water quality at Karekare, Piha, North Piha, Te Henga, and Little Oneroa lagoons.

​Current state of the lagoons

These lagoons are currently not safe for swimming due to faecal contamination from humans, and from animals like cows, ducks and dogs. 

Human contamination is coming from untreated wastewater from households getting into waterways. This happens when septic tanks, long drops and hi-tech systems are not properly maintained. 

During summer, there is also an increase in visitor numbers in the area. As a result, there is also an increased load on septic tanks. 

How we are addressing the problem

  • Awareness programmes focusing on better management of septic systems within the catchments. 
  • Better follow-up of known septic system issues. 
  • Better management of council-owned wastewater systems in the area. 
  • Supporting landowners to fence their livestock from waterways. 
  • Discouraging bird feeding, and encouraging picking up after dogs. 
  • Our 'Retrofit your septic tank' initiative. 

Help us keep the lagoons clean

  • Maintain your septic tank system and get it checked by a professional.
  • Spread out shower and laundry use to avoid a water ‘rush hour’. 
  • Manage water use when you have lots of visitors. 
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products. 
  • Watch out for signs of a septic system failure. 
  • See Managing wastewater on your property.

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