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Ngā painga o te kohi wai marangai

Benefits of collecting rainwater

Rainwater tanks help to protect the environment from the effects of excess stormwater runoff and can retain water for future use.

​Managing stormwater

As Auckland’s population grows, more development takes place.

Rainfall that used to infiltrate through the soils, or slowly drain overland, runs much faster across sealed surfaces, and into the piped stormwater network.

This will continue to increase as the city grows and climate change creates more extreme rainfall events.

Benefits of collecting rainwater

Collecting rainwater enables you to remove rainfall from the stormwater system by storing it for later use on your property and/or detaining it for slow release back into the network.

Collecting rainwater enables you to:

  • make use of a readily available natural resource
  • generate your own water supply should there be a water restriction or in times of an emergency
  • saves money on your water bill by using roof-collected rainwater to water the garden, wash the car or flush the toilet.

Rainwater collection can also help reduce the negative effects stormwater has on the environment.

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Find out the benefits of installing a rainwater tank in Auckland.

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