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What you should keep out of the stormwater drain

Ngā mea kia kaua e tukuna e koe ki te waikeri wai āwhā

​Waste and contaminants from industrial sites and households can pollute our waterways if not managed properly.

Our tip

What gets through stormwater drains and waterways ends up at sea.
Keep these items out of your stormwater drains:
  • Animal waste
  • Chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilisers
  • Construction materials and debris
  • Farm waste
  • Lawn clippings and yard waste
  • Pool or spa pool water
  • Paint
  • Rubbish
  • Waste from cars and boats, such as oil and antifreeze
  • Yard waste.

You should also:

  • make sure that sewage waste and pool water flow through your wastewater drains
  • avoid uncoated copper guttering and zinc roofing
  • wash your car on a lawn, not on paved areas.

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