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Tautukunga o te punaha waikapurangi i te pae ōkiko

Onsite wastewater system compliance

The onsite wastewater system compliance programme receives funding from the water quality targeted rate.

Why we need onsite wastewater system compliance

This is a new regional compliance system requiring property owners with onsite wastewater systems to provide regular documentation that their units have been inspected and are in good working condition.

Compliance investigations of 549 properties in Piha and Little Oneroa has lead to 98 per cent of inspected systems in those catchments being properly maintained.

Proper maintenance reduces waterway contamination, especially in streams and lagoons.

Water quality monitoring and system checks will continue in high risk areas.

Onsite wastewater system compliance features

  • A database of more than 40,000 properties with onsite wastewater systems.
  • An online checklist for contractors inspecting onsite wastewater systems.
  • Education materials for residents in sensitive and coastal areas on system maintenance.
  • Consultation on proposed changes to the Waitākere septic tank pump-out service through to the Annual Plan 2020/2021.