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Ngā hua, me ngā whāinga, me ngā mahere hei whāinga o te Tauākī Kaupapahere ā-Motu mō te Whakahaerenga Wai Māori

National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management outcomes, targets and action plans

The National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPSFM) requires us to improve degraded water bodies and avoid further loss or degradation of natural wetlands and streams.

Freshwater values

We are working with communities and mana whenua to identify Auckland's freshwater values.

Once that is complete, we will set environmental outcomes as objectives for each value and include them in the proposed plan change to the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Attributes and management targets

For every environmental outcome and objective, we must identify attributes and set management targets for these attributes.

An attribute is something we can measure and monitor that can tell us about the state of a river or lake.

The attributes that we must use are outlined in NPSFM (Appendix 2A and 2B).

We may define more attributes and set additional targets where necessary. 

Action plans

The NPSFM requires us to develop action plans that provide details on methods and approaches to achieve environmental outcomes.

Action plans can describe:

  • non-regulatory measures
  • reference regulatory measures, such as rules included in the Auckland Unitary Plan.

We are in the early stage of developing action plans and will work with mana whenua and communities throughout the process.

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