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Te mahi tahi me ngā mana whenua me ngā hapori

Working with mana whenua and communities

An important part of the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPSFM) implementation is working with mana whenua and communities to determine how Te Mana o te Wai applies to water bodies and freshwater ecosystems in Auckland.

Engagement with mana whenua

We are engaging with the mana whenua of Tāmaki Makaurau on an ongoing basis, to the extent they wish to be involved.

We are engaging directly with mana whenua entities on:

  • preparing the plan change
  • developing action plans
  • identifying and making decisions on Māori freshwater values.

Engagement with mana whenua has also been undertaken in the broader context of the Three Waters Reform and the Auckland Water Strategy.

This combined engagement leads to a more holistic consideration of water management.

Engagement with communities

The first phase of engagement with communities took place in June 2022, through AK Have your Say.

We asked the public:

  • how they value freshwater
  • where their concerns are
  • what they would like to see achieved in the future.

We also asked for feedback on the proposed Freshwater Management Units (FMUs). We will do a second phase of engagement with communities in November 2023.  

We will use feedback received from communities to inform the Auckland freshwater policy development and management options.

See AK Have Your Say for feedback summary reports.

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