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Plant to support native wildlife

Whakatō tipu hei tiaki i ngā kīrehe ake o te puihi

Wildlife are animals that are living in their natural habitat.

This includes your usual backyard and garden visitors:

  • native birds
  • lizards
  • invertebrates
  • butterflies
  • bees
  • spiders.

Native wildlife is under threat

Our native wildlife is under threat due to loss of habitat through urban development.

Finding shelter and food becomes harder for them when gardens are turned into car parks, for example.

Why wildlife is important

Wildlife creates a balanced ecosystem.

When their habitats are restored, they can pollinate flowers, help control pests and increase biodiversity.

What you can do

Restore your backyard to create a habitat for animals like skinks and geckos and provide food for native birds.

  • Understand your garden environment - know where it gets wet, dry, sunny or windy.
  • Plant native trees and shrubs.
  • Plant with locally sourced plants.
  • Do not leave big gaps between plants to prevent weeds from growing.
  • Mulch around plants to help soil moist.
  • If you have a stream on your property, plant on the banks.
  • If you suspect there are pest plants or pest animals, see Pests and weeds for more information.

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