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The Energy Efficient Communities project

This pilot project was a collaboration between Entrust, Auckland Council and Vector. It had three main parts; free home health checks for selected ratepayers, installing renewable and efficient energy solutions and providing education within schools.

Timeline of the project

The pilot project is now closed.

The pilot will be evaluated and recommendations might be made for a similar project in other areas of Auckland.

Home health checks

Home owners in the Papakura and Takanini areas were are eligible for a free home health check. This involved an independent energy advisor providing some simple actions that could be taken around the home to make it warmer, drier and healthier, and to reduce energy bills.

The home health checks were valued at up to $1000 per household.

Changes made based on the findings of the check could result in an average electricity bill saving of $300 a year.

The offer included:

  • a free home health check, advice and personalised report
  • up to 10 LED light bulbs per household
  • an installed iSmart hot water controller (conditions and limits apply)
  • access to grants for insulation and other energy efficient interventions.

Renewable and efficient energy for community facilities

Papakura marae and 10 community facilities within the selected area received a Tesla Powerwall.

The system includes 3kW of solar power panels and a Tesla battery that will store the sun’s energy and deliver clean, reliable electricity.

Education programme

An educational resource, How Our Lives are Powered and teacher support is available for the schools that received a Tesla Powerwall.

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