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Get sustainability advice for your business

Kimi tohutohu hei hanga tikanga tokonga roa mō tō pakihi

Sustainable organisations and learning resources

Learn how other businesses do it.

The Sustainable Business Network and the Sustainable Business Council help businesses exchange learning and best practices on sustainable development.

Find out more from these resources:

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Get eco design advice for your home eco design advice for your homeGet advice on the right materials and strategies to create a warmer, drier and more sustainable home.aspx
Live sustainably sustainablySustainable living starts with simple changes. Conserve energy, reduce waste, donate old curtains and make smart choices to minimise harmful effects on the environment.aspx
Reduce waste from your business waste from your businessReduce waste from your business by conducting a waste audit. Observe how waste is generated and disposed to find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. aspx