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Reduce waste from your business

Kūtia te whakaputa para i tō pakihi

​Conduct a waste audit

A large part of landfill waste comes from the commercial sector.

You can help reduce this by conducting a waste audit.

  • Choose a waste generation period (a week or a fortnight).
  • Identify all waste disposal points.
  • Identify who collects the waste and when.
  • Record the source and quantity of each type of waste.

Our tip

Do not tell your staff that you are doing a waste audit, so you can observe how they dispose of waste.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Based on your audit, find out how you and your staff can cut down on waste.

  • Look for changes in the operations that can reduce waste production.
  • Dispose of different types waste in separate containers.
  • Identify materials you can reuse and recycle.
  • Have a regular inventory of materials.
  • Buy supplies in bulk or in large containers.

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