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Auckland Council

Tools to help improve the energy efficiency of your home

​Resources to help you make your house warmer and drier



Visit the Homefit Online Check to see if your home is warm, safe and dry, and how you can improve it.



Visit the Energywise website for practical information, advice and tools to help you improve the performance of your home.


Home Energy Audit Toolkit (HEAT)

Borrow a Home Energy Audit Toolkit (or HEAT kit) from your local library to investigate where your home might be losing heat and energy.



If you are building or renovating your home, see the Level website for advice on designing and building homes with less impact on the environment.


Upspec your Build

Watch the Upspec your Build video on Youtube to learn more about how to design your home to make it warmer, drier and cheaper to heat.


Eco Design Advisor

The Eco Design Advisor website has information sheets with practical advice, how-to guides and commonly asked questions to help you improve the performance of your home.


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