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Te whakamōtī i ngā taru kino

Eradicating low incidence pest plants

​How we manage pest plants

Newly established pest plants can be managed differently to common pest plants. These differences are illustrated in the Pest Infestation Curve.

A graph showing the extent of infestation versus the length of time with specific weeds separated into possible eradication.

Plants that are already widespread throughout the region, such as woolly nightshade, are best managed with biocontrol and as part of integrated programmes to support the Waitākere, Hunua Ranges and other high-value ecosystems.

New pest plants can be eradicated before they spread in the region.

Eradication of specific species

We control over 30 species of plants throughout the region which we aim to completely remove from our environment.

These species are very rare in Tāmaki Makaurau, so you may never have seen them before. This is what makes them good candidates for eradication.

We are also removing a similar number of plant species from Aotea Great Barrier Island, including plants like woolly nightshade that are too common to eradicate elsewhere in the region.

What you can do to help our eradication programmes

  • Keep your eyes out for Eradication or Progressive Containment pest plants – find out more on Pest Search.
  • If you see an Eradication of Progressive Containment plant, report it immediately to us through or call us at 09 301 0101.
  • Do not try to control these plants yourself! It’s important that we include them in our eradication programme.
  • Do not grow or share cuttings from these plants.

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