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Me pēhea te tuku rīpoata mō ngā mōrearea ā-nuku

How to report geological hazards

Auckland’s active geological environment can result in hazards such as landslides, sinkholes, severe erosion, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunami.

​What to do if a landslide or geological hazard is found

If a building or public road is at imminent risk

If you are concerned about a geological hazard affecting your home or a public road:

  • make sure you and your family are safe
  • evacuate, warn your neighbours, and dial 111 if there is immediate risk to life or an occupied building
  • call us on 09 301 0101 once you are in a safe location
  • report broken utilities (water, gas, electricity) to the appropriate companies
  • stay away until authorities give the all-clear, as further damage is likely - landslides can happen progressively, often days after a triggering event
  • record the slip details using the landslide reporting tool.  

More advice is available at

If no homes or roads are at risk

If there is private land damage but no immediate risk, contact a local engineering consultancy to provide advice. Ask for a professional engineering geologist (with PEngGeol registration) or geotechnical engineer (with CPEng registration).

If the slip affects public land, or if you’re not sure how urgent the situation is, report the slip using the landslide reporting tool then call 09 301 0101. Having photographs and an accurate location will greatly help our assessment.

   More advice is available at

More information about geological hazards

You can find out more on Auckland’s geological hazards at the Auckland Emergency Management page, or on the specialist sites for:

Geotechnical development

We set guidelines on how land is developed to consider longevity, safety and environmental sustainability. For more on these development standards see chapter two of our Code of Practice.

Geotechnical data

We collate and share as much data as possible to promote efficiency in the geotechnical industry. If you have information you want to share, contact

Useful data sources include:

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