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Nga ritenga o te paetōpū hōu

Features of the GeoMaps toolbar

The toolbar at the top of GeoMaps allows you to change and analyse map features.

The tools and how you use them

You can scroll over each of the symbols within GeoMaps to find out what each tool does.

Tool icon Tool name Tool description
Basemaps icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Basemaps Switches between five background base map types including Aerial, Topographic, Grey Canvas, Terrain, and Texture.
Themes icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Themes Contains groups of data with a related business use or area of expertise.
Data Search icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Data Search Search for specific data layers, or themes, based on keyword search.
Print icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Print Print pre-defined maps or a map of the current contents.
Select features icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Select Features Interact or select by feature, or select features by known attribute values.
Locate coordinates icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Locate Coordinates Search the map by entering coordinates, or capture coordinates by clicking on the map.
Draw/measure icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Draw/Measure Draw on the map and get measurements of those graphics such as length and area.
Timeslider and compare datasets icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Timeslider and compare datasets Compare datasets based on an attribute value to compare aerial imagery over time.
Environmental monitoring icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Environmental Monitoring View live environmental telemetric data. This tool links through to dashboards for more data.
Traffic cameras icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Traffic Cameras View traffic flow on the Auckland motorway system as supplied by New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).
District plans icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. District plans View district plan map sheet details and district plan maps in PDF format.
Workspace/bookmark icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Bookmark Use this to see predefined spatial bookmarks (location) and workspaces (data content). Allows you to add and delete workspaces and bookmarks and save these on your computer.
Data extract icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Data Extract Extract data based on an area of interest.
Help icon from the GeoMaps toolbar. Help Links to the help page on our website for step by step advice on using GeoMaps.


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