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Auckland Council

How to install your notice on a community noticeboard

Me pēhea te whakauru i tō pānui ki tētahi papa pānui ā-hapori

Installation of your notice

Your booking confirmation email contains details of where to take your sign, or how to install it.

What you should do with your notice will depend on the noticeboard location you booked.

Notices for central Auckland noticeboards

In central Auckland, notices are installed by a contractor due to the height of the community notice boards.

Before your booking period

Seven days before the start of your booking period, you must leave your notice in the locked 'In Box' outside the garage door at:

Mt Eden War Memorial Hall
489 Dominion Road
Mt Eden

Your booking confirmation email will contain a code to unlock the 'In Box'.

At the end of your booking period

We will put your notice in the 'Out Box' for you to collect no earlier than the Tuesday after your booking period ends.

You then have seven days to collect your notice from the 'Out Box'.

Notices for south, east, or west Auckland noticeboards

How to install your notice

In south, east, and west Auckland, you need to install your notice on the community noticeboard yourself.

Attach your notice to the community noticeboard with screws.

When to install your notice

Install your notice on the community noticeboard on the first Tuesday of your booked period.

You must remove your notice on the Monday a fortnight later.

If there are no spaces on the first Tuesday of your booked period, call 09 301 0101 and ask to speak to the Parks Booking Coordinator.

The Parks Booking Coordinator will tell you which notice you can remove to make space for your notice.

Leave the notice you removed next to the community noticeboard for the owner to collect.