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About the Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund

Te Pūtea mahi whakaiti tukunga para me ngā mahi auaha

Eligibility for the Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund (WMIF)

The WMIF will support projects that:

  • promote or achieve waste minimisation
  • include educational projects that promote waste minimisation activity only
  • result in new waste minimisation activity, either by:
    • implementing new initiatives, or
    • a significant expansion in the scope or coverage of existing activities.
  • last for a funding timeframe of one to three years, after which the project objectives should have been achieved and, where appropriate, the initiative has become self-funding.

What the WMIF covers

The fund will cover:

  • operational or capital expenditure required to undertake a project
  • up to 50 per cent of the cost of the project. You will need to demonstrate adequate sources of additional funding from your own or other resources.

Our tip

The fund doesn't cover:
  • projects that focus on waste disposal or on the treatment of wastes for disposal/clean ups.
  • ongoing financial support of existing activities
  • running costs of the existing activities of organisations, individuals or firms.

​Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund (WMIF) guidelines

For information on the fund's vision and purpose, general funding requirements, what you can apply for and filling out the application form, see:

Frequency of fund rounds

There are two grant rounds each year:

  • April has a total allocated budget of $25,000 and has one category:
    • small - up to $5000
  • September has a total allocated budget of $475,000 and has three categories:
    • small: up to $5000
    • medium: $5001-$25,000
    • large: up to $50,000.

Funded projects

​More about the Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund (WMIF)

For more details, email: