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Ngā mea kāhore mātou e tuku pūtea

What we don't fund

Projects that we will fund

For a list of possible grant-funded activities, see page 22 of the Community Grants Policy on this page.

Projects that community grants don't fund

Community grants are not available for:

  • debt servicing or repayment
  • legal or medical expenses
  • activities that promote religious ministry or political purposes
  • public services that are the responsibility of central government, e.g. core education, health
  • physical works (e.g. improvements to community buildings) before the appropriate consents have been obtained
  • purchase of alcohol.

Projects that regional grants don't fund

In addition to the exclusions listed above, we will also not fund:

  • medical expenses
  • travel and accommodation outside Auckland
  • retrospective costs
  • fundraising events or activities.

Other exclusions

To check for other regional grants exclusions, download:

​To check for other local board grants exclusions, get a copy of the local board programme that applies to your project.