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Auckland Council

Join the People's Panel

The People's Panel is a quick and easy way to help shape Auckland by taking part in short surveys.

Sign up for the People's Panel

If you are interested in the future of Auckland, you can join the People's Panel to get involved and have your say.

You will be sent short surveys by email.

Join the People's Panel now

You can opt out of receiving surveys at any time.

How the People's Panel works

  • We'll send you one or two surveys a month, but you only need to fill in the ones that interest you.
  • Most surveys take five or 10 minutes to complete.
  • We offer great prize draws with every survey.
  • We keep your personal details private and we don't identify members in survey result reports.
  • We share key findings and how we have used the results with you.
  • We'll keep you informed about other opportunities to give us feedback.

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