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Consultation on electoral boundaries and representation

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About the consultation on electoral boundaries and representation

Every six years, councils throughout New Zealand must review their representation arrangements, including whether their wards properly reflect their populations.

The outcome of the review applies at the next local body election (2019) and the following one if another review is not conducted.

The review is not permitted to make changes to:

  • the number of Governing Body members, as this is set in legislation (a mayor and 20 councillors )
  • local board boundaries - only the internal electoral subdivision boundaries can be reviewed
  • the boundaries of Auckland - only the internal electoral ward boundaries can be reviewed.

What we need your feedback on

This year's electoral review is currently in the consultation phase, where anyone can make a submission on our initial proposals.

Proposal one: Ward boundary changes

Proposal two: Splitting Manukau Ward in two

Proposal three: Moving the subdivision boundaries in the Rodney Local Board

Proposal four: Renaming the Great Barrier Local Board

Aside from the four proposals, we are not planning to make changes to any other electoral boundaries, names or elected member representation, at this time.

What you can comment on

Anyone may make a submission on the proposals above, or any electoral issues within the scope of the review.

The review is permitted to cover:

  • whether the councillors are elected by a ward system or a system where there are no wards but each councillor is elected by the whole region (referred to as "at-large")
  • whether councillors are elected using a combination of ward and at-large systems
  • if there are wards, the number of wards, their boundaries and names.

For each local board, the council can review:

  • whether the board members are elected by subdivisions or across the whole local board area
  • if there are subdivisions, the number of subdivisions, their boundaries and names
  • the number of members on the local board
  • the name of the local board.

These are the only areas up for review in this process.

What to consider when making a submission

When making a submission, try to consider:

  • effective representation of communities of interest
  • fair representation.

Effective representation of communities of interest refers to how similar demographic areas should not be split, or how areas which are different should not be joined together, for example rural and urban communities, or different socio-economic communities.

Fair representation refers to how elected members should be equally spread among the population in wards or local body subdivisions.

When you can have your say

You can have your say from 8 August until 11 September 2018.

Read more detailed information on this proposal in the consultation documents.

Copies of the consultation documents and submission forms are available at Auckland libraries, service centres and local board offices.

To make a submission on this proposal, see Ways you can have your say on electoral boundaries and representation.