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Tuku mai i ō whakaaro

After you submit your feedback

Review of your feedback

We review and analyse all feedback we receive, along with advice from technical experts and other relevant evidence.

Public feedback comes from a range of sources.

These may include:

  • online and paper feedback forms
  • emails and letters
  • social media posts
  • comments made at public meetings.

For each individual project we will clarify up front:

  • who will make the decision
  • who will analyse your feedback and prepare the report
  • what can or can't be changed
  • what other sources of information we will consider
  • what the timelines are for reporting and decision-making.

Making your feedback public

The feedback form you fill out will always specify whether your feedback (including name and contact details) will be made public.


For more formal consultations, we may also give you the option to attend a hearing and speak to the decision-makers.

In these cases, we will make your individual feedback (submission) public, as part of a hearing report.

Summary report

Once we have analysed all feedback and other relevant information, we provide a summary report of key findings to decision makers. This report may include a copy of the feedback received.

We make a copy of the decision and report available for anyone to see.

If you would like more information about why the decision was made, you have a right to ask for it.

We will publish the reports as soon as they are available.

If you give us your contact details, we may also send you an update by email or post.


Once we make a decision, we will publish the outcome on this website.

We may also let you know by email or post.