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Auckland Council

Landowner approvals

Ohiatanga ā-hunga whai whenua

​What is a landowner approval?

As a landowner, the council sometimes needs to give approval to people or groups who want to use council-owned land.

Landowner approval generally involves parks or reserves but can include council facilities.

You need to apply for landowner approval and pay a fee for the assessment.

When you need a landowner approval

Activities which require approvals include:

  • commercial activity on a reserve like a night market
  • laying stormwater and wastewater pipes in a reserve
  • power, water or communications companies seeking to install infrastructure in council land
  • conducting research on a park
  • mobile vendors trading on a reserve or park
  • creating or installing something, e.g. fencing, plants, playgrounds, small buildings, sports facilities
  • accessing a construction site through a park
  • easements, rights of way and other legal permissions.

Your timeframe can vary from:

  • very short-term access
  • medium-term occupation or use
  • to long-term use involving a licence or lease.

For one-off events see our page on event permits.

How to apply for a landowner approval

Download the checklist and follow our step-by-step instructions for filling out the landowner approval application form.

You then email your application form and supporting documents to our Land Advisory Services Team (LAS) at

Our tip

By providing as much detail as possible in your initial application we can process your request in less time. See the checklist for what you need to include.

Landowner approval fees

There is a cost to get a landowner approval assessment.

The fee is charged upfront, and the amount depends on the complexity of your application.

Read fee table.
Application type Fee
Basic application$570
Standard application$990
Complex application$1410

​There is a 50 per cent reduction in all fees for:

  • registered community groups
  • incorporated societies
  • charitable trusts.

What we can’t approve

We don't process applications for:

  • resource or building consents
  • work done in offsite mitigation as a condition for gaining a consent in another location
  • requests for land not owned by the council, for example:
    • Department of Conservation (DoC) land
    • private land
    • land leased or owned by Auckland Transport.

Our tip

If you are taking part in a large event — for instance, if you want to put a food stall at a night market held in a park — get in touch with the main organiser.

We grant approval for the event, not to individual vendors.

​What happens next

After we have received your application we will review it to make sure it is complete and that LAS is the right team to help you.

We will get in touch with you within five working days to discuss the next steps.

If you have any questions about the approval process, email

or call our us on

09 301 0101

and ask to speak to Community Facilities Land Advisory Services.

How we assess your request

Applying for approval does not guarantee that it will be granted.

We will weigh up our responsibilities as a protector of the land with the interests of the applicant and any public interest.

We can decline or approve any application, and the decision can’t be appealed.

Most applications can be approved by LAS after consultation with the relevant local board.

Sometimes a local board will want to discuss the decision itself. If that happens, a business report will be put to a local board agenda.

Approvals have a range of conditions that you will need to agree to, in writing.