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Tuku amuamu mō te pito whenua kua ururuatia

Complain about an overgrown section

Overgrown sections are a common complaint year-round, and can have serious health implications.

When we will take action

We will get involved with overgrown properties if they present a potential health risk by providing a breeding ground for:

  • rats
  • vermin
  • flies and mosquitoes
  • other insects capable of causing or transmitting disease.

Try to talk to the property owner in the first instance. If you can't resolve the matter, let us know.

Report the problem


Concerns about potential fire hazard

The following can present a potential fire hazard to people and property:

  • long, dry grass
  • dried vegetation
  • piles of combustible materials.

Try to talk to the property owner about your concerns, in the first instance.

If the matter remains unresolved, contact Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

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