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COVID-19 Alert Level 3

At Alert Level 3: Step 2 you can travel throughout Auckland for exercise and recreation outdoors. Our early childhood centres are open for enrolled children only.

Some customer-facing facilities like service centres and community centres are now open. Essential services continue.

Use the NZ COVID Tracer app, wear a face covering, maintain a 2m physical distance, wash your hands, and stay home if you are sick. For information about council services and closures, see the COVID-19 section

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Ki te toha i ngā rawa whakatairanga

Handing out promotional goods

Check if you need a licence to hand out promotional goods

If you are distributing samples or flyers in a public space to promote something, you will need a licence from us.

  • You need to apply for a licence for each promotion, you cannot renew or transfer your licence for this activity.
  • If you would like to hand out flyers, vouchers or samples outside of your shop or business on public land, you need to get a licence.
  • This licence does not permit the sale of any goods or materials - trading in a public space requires a mobile trading licence.

If you are promoting a religion, you may not need a licence.

You need to:

  • let us know you are planning to promote your religion in a public place
  • not obstruct traffic flow with your set up
  • email our team so we can give you some advice.

Request a pre-application meeting

Email our team to request a free pre-application meeting with an inspector. This may be a phone call, a site visit or an office meeting at a council building.

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