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Rules for real estate signs

This page summarises key rules about the display of real estate signs in rural and residential zones. The full rules can be viewed in clause 15 of the Signs Bylaw 2022.

Real estate signs in rural zones

Guidelines for selling real estate in rural zones are the same for residential zones in most instances.

Some exceptions are as follows:

Special guidelines for rural real estate signs

Board signs

You can have two board signs per property in rural zones. They can be up to 3 square meters in size.

Open and auction signs

Open home or auction signs can be up to 2.4 metres high.

Directional signs

You can have two directional signs per property in rural zones.

Real estate signs in residential zones

It is important to know how many signs you can have and where to place them in a residential area.

There are also guidelines in case other real estate agencies advertise the same property for sale.

Board signs

  • Sole agency – one sign only, up to 2.2 square metres in size.
  • Multiple agencies – one per agency, up to three total. Each agency's sign can be up to 0.75 square metres in size.
  • Signs can be up to 2 metres above the ground.
  • May be placed on the site of the premises, on a wall or fence, or on a front boundary. If there is no front boundary, it may be placed on the grass verge directly adjacent to the site.
  • Must be removed within five working days of a sold notification being placed on the sign or within 10 working days of the date the premises is sold (whichever date occurs first).

Open home and auction signs

  • Can be up to 2.3 metres high. There are no other size restrictions.
  • May be placed on the site of the premises, grass verge or vehicle. These signs must:
    • be set back from roadway, if on a grass verge
    • not protrude from the side of a vehicle, if on a vehicle.
  • May only be displayed on the day of an open home or auction.

Directional signs

  • Sole agency – up to three signs are allowed.
  • Multiple agencies – up to two per agency are allowed.
  • Can be up to 0.3 square metres in size and up to 1 metre in height.
  • May be placed on the site of the premises, or on a grass verge. A maximum of one sign is allowed:
    • on or adjacent to the premises.
    • at each of the nearest intersections leading towards the premises.
  • Must be set back from roadway.
  • Can only be displayed on the day of an open home or auction.

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