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Ture ā-tohu hokohoko whare

Rules for real estate signs

Real estate signs in rural zones

Guidelines for selling real estate in rural zones are the same for residential zones in most instances.

Some exceptions include the size of flags, banners and board signs, which can be bigger in rural areas.

Board signs

Board signs can be up to 2.88 square meters in size and up to 2m from the ground.

Flags or banners

The banner or flag can be up to 2.4m high.

Directional signage

In rural zones, you can have two directional signs per property.

Real estate signs in residential zones

You can use different types of signage to advertise a property in a residential area. It is important to know how many signs you can have and where to place them.

There are also guidelines in case other real estate agencies advertise the same property for sale.

Real estate signs must be removed within seven days of the "Sold" notification being placed on the sign.

Board sign

Number of signs

  • Single agency – one sign only.
  • Multiple agencies – a maximum of three signs, one per agency.

Size of signs

  • Single agency – the sign can be up to 1.8 square metres and up to 2m above ground level.
  • Multiple agencies – each agency's sign can be up to 0.6 square metres.

Where to place board signs

Place a board sign within the boundary of the property.

Flags or banners

Number of signs

One flag or banner per property.


The banner or flag can be up to 2.3m high.

Where to place a flag or banner

Place a flag or banner on the property or secure it to a parked vehicle, directly outside the property. The flag or banner or any supporting structures should not extend out from either side of the vehicle.

Leave a minimum of 0.6m from the kerb (if not attached to a vehicle).

Period of display

You may display a flag or banner only during the period of the open home or auction (including set up time and close down of that event).

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