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Whakairi tohu ki ngā rohe mahi māmā, mahi taimaha

Put up a sign in light and heavy industry zones

You should know

Auckland’s sign rules were updated on the 26 May 2022. We are currently updating these pages to reflect the bylaw. Refer to the rules in the Signs Bylaw 2022 for more information in the meantime.

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Promotions and displays and displaysIf you want to hand out promotional goods you will need a licence. Meet with us before you apply and view the guidelines for displaying goods on the footpath.aspxDistributing promotional goods licence
Apply for an exemption to the sign rules for an exemption to the sign rulesFind out how to apply for an exemption to a sign rule, how much it will cost, and how we can help you.GuideaspxSigns
Signs Bylaw 2022 Bylaw 2022This bylaw regulates promotional signs to ensure public safety and prevent nuisance from poorly maintained or located signage.aspxBylaw
Complain about a billboard or sign about a billboard or signReport complaints and safety issues with billboards and signs to us.aspxSigns
Put up a billboard up a billboardIn most situations you will need a resource consent and a building consent to put up a billboard. aspxSigns
Lawfully established signs established signsFind out if your existing business signs can stay in place if they don't comply with the Signs Bylaw 2022.aspxLicences and regulations