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Rārangi tohu mahi toi ā-ara hīkoi

Guidelines for pavement art

Performing in CBD

The Auckland central business district (CBD) is a busy area with a high volume of pedestrians.

Contact us if you wish to perform in the CBD. We can help you find a good location.

Your work area

  • You may work directly on the pavement using materials that can be washed off with water without leaving any residue.
  • You may work on a removable surface such as paper, plastic or canvas. Fix it to the pavement with masking tape or any product which will not leave glue residue on the pavement.

Health and safety

  • Keep the site safe and tidy while you are using it.
  • Make sure your site and equipment is out of the way of other public space users.
  • Do not use materials that are slippery or endanger public safety.

Selling and advertising

  • While you may encourage donations, do not pressure or publicly embarrass people into giving you money.
  • You cannot offer works of art for sale from the site.
  • Advertising is not permitted in pavement art.

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