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Auckland Council

Addressing Auckland's housing crisis

Solutions to Auckland's housing issues are multifaceted, and involve central government, Auckland Council, the private sector and developers, iwi and NGOs.

Mayor Phil Goff delivers speech on housing at Auckland Conversations.Restoring housing affordability

The Kiwi dream of owning our home is slipping out of the reach of more and more Aucklanders, and rents are becoming less affordable.

Auckland is now one of the world's least affordable cities, and people are living in garages and sleeping rough in cars. Urgent and bold action is needed to stop the worsening housing crisis and restore the affordability and availability of housing.

The housing taskforce

One of my first acts as mayor was to convene a housing taskforce that put the private and public sector around a table to work collaboratively on solutions to Auckland's housing issues.

The taskforce looked at supply-side factors such as land availability; infrastructure and finance; migration flows; macroeconomic settings and regulatory issues.

Mayoral Housing Taskforce Report