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Improving housing affordability

Solutions to Auckland's housing issues are multifaceted, and involve central government, Auckland Council, the private sector and developers, iwi and NGOs.

Mayor Phil Goff delivers speech on housing at Auckland Conversations.Restoring housing affordability

While housing in Auckland remains unaffordable for many, we are making progress, with median house prices declining since their peak in 2016.

My priorities to address Auckland’s housing issues include:

  • continuing to work to increase the overall housing supply to ensure that it meets demand for housing
  • supporting the construction of more social housing for low-income Aucklanders, which has already been lifted to a further 3500 state houses for Auckland in the next three years
  • working through Housing First to ensure that central and local government and non-government and voluntary agencies work together to resolve the problem of homelessness
  • advocating to government for reform to the Building Act and Building Code.

Ending homelessness in Auckland

I want Auckland to be an inclusive city where no one is forced to sleep rough or in vehicles or emergency accommodation because no alternatives are open to them.

Between 2017 and 2019, Auckland Council worked with Housing First Auckland to support more than 1,000 people and families with children into permanent homes.

This term, we will continue to work with Housing First and the government to ensure that all Aucklanders have warm, safe and appropriate accommodation and that homelessness is rare, brief and non-recurring.

Improving housing supply

Dwelling consents are being issued in Auckland at record rates. I will work to enable increased consenting to increase housing choice and supply across Auckland, and ensure that housing is created within brownfield areas and near public transport and other essential services and facilities.

The housing taskforce

One of my first acts as mayor was to convene a housing taskforce that put the private and public sector around a table to work collaboratively on solutions to Auckland's housing issues.
The taskforce looked at supply-side factors such as land availability, infrastructure and finance, migration flows, macroeconomic settings and regulatory issues.

Mayoral Housing Taskforce Report