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Te whakapai ake i ngā ratonga ikiiki o Tāmaki Makaurau

Improving Auckland's transport

Auckland Council is working with the government to transform Auckland’s transport system.

ayor Phil Goff rides bicycle.

Easing Auckland's traffic congestion

Every year Auckland commuters spend 20 working days stuck in traffic. On top of the huge frustration that causes, traffic congestion is estimated to cost up to $2 billion a year in lost productivity.

With population growth expected to add an additional million residents to our city over the next 30 years, improved public transport options providing efficient, convenient and reliable alternatives are needed to stop congestion from turning to gridlock.

Given the rate of growth, trying to build our way out of congestion with roads alone will not work. It's important that transport networks are available to serve new housing developments across the region in the next decade.

As intensification occurs, it needs to be focused on arterial routes, transport hubs and town centres with multiple transport options.

A transport system that works

Through Te Whakakotahi i ngā Kaupapa Waka o Tāmaki: Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP), Auckland Council and the government are investing $31 billion into critical transport infrastructure and services across Auckland.

This is the largest capital programme ever allocated for Auckland transport infrastructure and services. It largely builds on the $28 billion 2018 package, which focused on developing a rapid transit network, walking and cycling, safety and unlocking growth. 

By itself, ATAP does not solve all of Auckland’s transport problems. But it will allow us to make inroads into the increasingly serious issues of carbon emissions, traffic congestion and housing shortages.

As Auckland’s mayor, I will continue to push for central government to contribute more to the costs of new infrastructure to help make Auckland the world-class city it can be and needs to be for New Zealand to succeed.

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