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Auckland Council

Improving Auckland's transport

Improving Auckland's transport will call for alternative funding, and the provision of a coherent and efficient public transport system.

ayor Phil Goff rides bicycle.

Easing Auckland's traffic congestion

Traffic congestion in Auckland is getting worse. With 800 new cars registered in Auckland each week, we are headed toward gridlock.

Every year Auckland commuters spend 20 working days stuck in traffic. On top of the huge frustration that causes, Auckland's traffic congestion is estimated to cost billions of dollars a year in lost productivity and other costs.

With population growth expected to be close to an additional one million residents over the next 30 years, improved public transport options providing efficient alternatives are needed to stop Auckland grinding to a halt.

Given the population growth, trying to build our way out of congestion with roads alone will not work. It's important that transport networks are available to serve new housing developments across the region in the next decade.

As intensification occurs, it needs to be focused on arterial routes, transport hubs and town centres with multiple transport options.

A transport system that works

While some roading networks need to be completed and significant road maintenance costs will be ongoing, reducing congestion on our roads will rely on the provision of a coherent and efficient public transport system.

Initiatives such as the northern busway and the upgraded rail system have achieved outcomes exceeding expectations.

The council will focus on key components:

  • an improved commuter rail system
  • busways
  • light rail
  • walkways and cycleways
  • car sharing
  • electric vehicles
  • ferries
  • alternative funding.

As Auckland mayor, I will continue to push for central government to make appropriate contributions to the costs of new infrastructure and give Auckland the tools so that we can pay our share without ratepayers facing huge rate rises. This includes initiatives like a fuel tax and road pricing.