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Managing our city responsibly

Mayor Phil Goff shakes elderly man's hand while audience looks on.


How we're managing our city responsibly

Managing Auckland responsibly requires a clear focus on value for money. This requires:

  • effective management of operating expenditure
  • increased oversight of, and accountability from, the council-controlled organisations (CCOs)
  • effective capital expenditure and debt management
  • restricting rates rises.

Increasing accountability of the council-controlled organisations

Independent review of the CCOs

As mayor, one of my key priorities is to ensure that the council-controlled organisations are made more accountable to Auckland Council and to ratepayers.

I plan to have a full and independent review of the council-controlled organisations under way before the end of 2019. It will be comprehensive and wide-ranging, and will identify changes to enhance oversight and enable the council to exercise a proper level of control over the organisations.

The terms of reference will be developed with councillors in late 2019 and I will keep Aucklanders updated on the outcome and the progress of the review.

Committee for CCO Oversight

I have established a new CCO subcommittee to give councillors and Aucklanders clearer oversight of the organisations and help ensure they are more responsive to elected members and accountable to ratepayers.

The subcommittee includes liaison councillors between the CCO boards and Auckland Council’s governing body, who will ensure that the organisations are working in the best interests of Auckland and its communities.

Ensuring value for money and doing more with less

I want to ensure that the city is managed in a fiscally responsible way. This means Auckland Council must work within its budget, keep rates low and affordable, and get the best value for money for each dollar it receives from ratepayer and other sources.

Managing rates responsibly

Property rates rises will be kept low and affordable at an average of 3.5 per cent per annum for the remainder of this term.

Costs of expensive infrastructure should not in the main be funded from rates.

Value for Money subcommittee

To keep property rates low and affordable, we need to do more with less. That means cutting fat, eliminating waste and duplication, and finding efficiencies.

I have established a Value for Money subcommittee to build on the progress we have already made over the past three years to find efficiencies, eliminate waste and duplication and ensure that we are getting the best value for money for ratepayers.