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Transcript of the Million Trees video

[video: Music plays behind the voice of Mayor Phil Goff. Moving leaves in sunlight.]

Mayor Phil Goff: As Mayoral candidate, I promised that Auckland Council would embark on a million trees project to plant a million native trees across Auckland.

[video: School children in uniform and wearing gloves pick up pots of plant seedlings and put them on the back of a vehicle. Spade heads digging into earth. A school pupil and a man carrying a plastic tray of seedlings as they walk. Two men and three children leaning on shovels with a wheelbarrow in the foreground on a sunny day.]

Mayor Phil Goff: On Friday 14 June, we will honour that promise by planting the millionth tree.

[video: Two children crouching as they plant a grass-like seedling. A child crouching, about to plant a kauri seedling. Dozens of spades stuck in the sunlit ground.]

Mayor Phil Goff: There has been a huge amount of enthusiasm by Aucklanders to participate in this campaign.

[video: Two smiling Department of Corrections staff holding larger seedlings in a nursery. Gloved hands preparing a seedling and placing it in a tray with other seedlings. A large group of plant seedlings, with workers in high visibility vests in the background.]

Mayor Phil Goff: This year, to celebrate Matariki, we'll be organising three occasions where you can come along and help us plant those trees.

[video: Nikau fronds, ferns, manuka and kauri branches moving in a breeze on a sunny day.]

Mayor Phil Goff: You're warmly invited to join us at the Hūnua Domain on Saturday 18 May; at Totara Park in Manurewa on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June;

[video: A person smiles as they remove a seedling from a pot.]

Mayor Phil Goff: And at Metro Park East, Silverdale, on Sunday 29 June.

[video: A sunny day, with three children smiling as they lean their chins on their spade handles. Several other children are in the background.]

Mayor Phil Goff: To get involved visit, or email for more information.

[video: Million Trees logo above text: Find out more at Three logos below that are Trees that count (Te Rahi o Tane), Department of Corrections (Ara Poutama Aotearoa) and Office of the Mayor of Auckland.]

[video: Auckland Council logo of stylised pōhutukawa flower over water and the URL]