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Transcript of the Million Trees video

[video: Music plays. Million Trees logo displayed, million trees text with leaves. Find out more at]

[video: Screen shows logos for Trees That Count, Department of Corrections, Office of the Mayor of Auckland - pōhutukawa flower over water.]

[video: Close up of fern leaves in the sunlight with blue sky behind, and Auckland Council logo, pōhutukawa flower over water, at top right.]

Child: The world needs more trees.

[video: Shot across Wynyard Quarter, looking out to the silos. Young people playing with a ball in the midground.]

Child: Trees to offset our carbon emissions; protect our water; and help our cities breathe.

[video: A body of water, pond or stream, surrounded by greenery and with splashes in the water.]

[video: Shot back towards the ASB Building at Wynyard Quarter, looking over lawn, trees and out to playground.]

[video: Man walking along tree-lined footpath at Wynyard Quarter. Close up of leaves against blue sky.]

Child: That’s why we’re planting a million trees and shrubs all over Auckland for future generations to enjoy.

[video: Schoolchildren in uniform and gloves picking up pots of seedlings and putting them into the back of a vehicle. Close up of child’s gloved hand and shovel, planting seedling. Schoolboy and Auckland Council worked carry tray of seedlings on a park path.]

[video: Mayor Phil Goff, a gardener and some schoolboys with a wheelbarrow and shovels. Citrus tree in the right foreground, looks like a suburban reserve.]

Child: Planting a million trees is going to take a lot of people, many hands and even more spades.

[video: Younger children in warm mufti with a spade, planting seedlings. Little girl with bow headband planting a seedling. Dozens of spades stuck in the ground in the sunlight in the foreground. A bouncy castle at top left of the screen against a pale blue sky; clusters of people and a small marquee or sun umbrella in the midground.]

Child: Our partners include the Department of Corrections. Thank you for the seeds, for the labour, and for giving it to Auckland for free.

[video: Two smiling Department of Corrections staff holding larger seedlings in a nursery. Male hands with tattooed wrist removes excess soil around a small seedling, puts it in a seed tray. Shot at a nursery, leaves of many plants in the foreground, workers in the background in high-vis vests.]

Child: Thanks also to our partners “Trees that Count”. Thank you for making sure that the right type of trees and shrubs go into our soil.

[video: Shot up at the leaves of tall trees with blue sky and sunlight behind them. Closer shots of native flowers on trees. Panning along a long row of seedlings. Smiling older uniformed schoolboys planting seedlings.

Child: Million Trees is for all of Auckland.

Many children: We’re growing a forest, so come join us - and take part…

[video: Group of smiling younger children in mufti and gardening gloves with spades, outside in the sunshine with dappled trees in the background. Million Trees logo and URL for, logos for Trees That Count, Department of Corrections, Office of the Mayor of Auckland.]

[video: Auckland Council logo and URL ( Different music clip including birdsong.]