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Ōrākei Basin flushing schedule

​What is the flushing schedule?

The flushing schedule shows the days when the water levels in Ōrākei Basin will be tidal – going in or out. The times given are when it will be full and the water locked in.

We manage the schedule alongside Auckland Water Ski Club.

Times are not guaranteed as the schedule can change with bad weather. The only way to be absolutely certain that the basin is full is to physically check.

Check the table regularly for additional dates.

October 2020 to June 2021 dates

​Date​ChangeTime​​High tide
​1 November 2020​Water out​8pm​3.1m
3 November 2020​Water in​11.05am


Flush may be postponed due to weather atmospheric conditions at the time.

15 November 2020​Water out​8.30pm​3.6m
17 November 2020​Water in​10.42am​3.6m
​29 November 2020​Water out​8.40pm​3.0
​1 December 2020​Water in​10.02am


Flush may be postponed due to weather atmospheric conditions at the time.

13 December 2020​Water out​8.40pm​3.5m
15 December 2020​Water in​9.33am​3.5m
10 January 2021​Water out​8.45pm​3.3m
12 January 2021​Water in​8.22am​3.3m
1 February 2021​Water out​9pm​3.4m
2 February 2021​Water in​12.47pm​3.4m
​14 February 2021​Water in​8.30pm​3.1
​16 February 2021​Water out​12.43pm


May close Monday 15 February due to atmospheric conditions.

28 February 2021​Water out​8.15pm​3.5m
2 March 2021​Water in​11.39am​3.5m
14 March 2021​Water out​7.45pm​3.2
​16 March 2021​Water in​11.32am​3.2
28 March 2021​Water out 7.45pm​3.5m
30 March 2021​Water in​10.26am​3.5m
11 April 2021​Water out​6.30pm​3.2m
13 April 2021​Water in9.22am​3.2m
25 April 2021​Water out​6.30pm​3.5m
27 April 2021​Water in​8.08am​3.5m
​9 May 2021​​​Water out​6pm​3.1m
​11 May 2021​​Water in​8.10am​3.1m
​23 May 2021​​​Water out​6pm​3.3m
​25 May 2021​Water in​6.46am​3.3m
​13 June 2021​Water out​7pm​3.0m
​15 June 2021​​Water in​11.45am


Flush may be postponed due to weather atmospheric conditions at the time.

27 June 2021​​Water out​7pm​3.2m
​29 June 2021​Water in​11.52am​3.2m