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Manutewhau Walkway

Description of Manutewhau Walkway

This walkway follows the Manutewhau Stream, which runs through Moire Park in Massey.

You can paddle in the cool shallow water or wander through the lush native bush.

There is a footbridge which crosses Lawsons Creek, linking Allington Road and Realm Esplanade with West Harbour Drive, a good spot to watch the activity on the estuary below.

Enjoy a picnic afterwards in St Margaret's or Moire Park in the grassy areas while children play on the playground, fly a kite or kick a ball around on the sports fields.



How to access the walkway

You can access Manutewhau Walkway through Moire Park from Allington Road, Granville Drive, Moire Road, Royal Road, West Harbour Drive or Oriel and Holmes Drive.