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Where you can kayak

Glenfern Sanctuary

Excellent canoeing, sailing and kayaking opportunities exist in and around Port Fitzroy and most of Great Barrier Island.

The harbour between Glenfern Sanctuary and Port Fitzroy wharf is generally well-sheltered and provides good opportunities for beginner paddlers. Be aware of boating traffic, particularly in summer.

The greater Port Fitzroy Harbour is surprisingly large and can become very exposed.

Take great care when paddling farther afield.

Long Bay

In calm weather, you can launch kayaks easily.

You can paddle to Piripiri Point and into the Okura River.


Kayaking around Mahurangi Regional Park and the surrounding regional parks is highly recommended.

Enjoy a short paddle from Sullivan's Bay around the corner to Mita Bay or Te Muri Beach.

For the more experienced kayaker, Mahurangi is a good base to explore Kawau Bay, including popular destinations such as Motoroa Island.

Make sure you wear bright clothing and a lifejacket.

Stay away from the main channels as this is a popular boating area.


You can launch your kayak from the beach or boat ramp at Omana Esplanade.

Kayaking is best at high tide.


Kayaking within the wind-sheltered Scandretts Bay is very pleasant for all ages and abilities in calm conditions.

For the more experienced kayaker it is possible to paddle out to Kawau Island.

Launch from Scandretts Bay, but be aware that the bay is very tidal, so launching and landing can be very difficult at low tide.


There is much for a kayaker to enjoy at Shakespear Regional Park.

Shipwrecks on the western point of Te Haruhi Bay make for very popular viewing by kayak, and on a good day Shakespear can be used as a base to leave for Tiri Tiri Matangi.

Okoromai Bay is a good learning spot as it is shallow and very sheltered, but it is very tidal with mud flats extending far offshore at low tide.


You can kayak, canoe and sail at Tawharanui.

In calm weather, you can easily launch water craft of less than 3m in length from Anchor Bay and go for a paddle around the Marine Reserve.

You must carry your water craft from the car park, over 150m of parkland, to avoid damaging the grass.

The lagoon at the lagoon car park are very safe and sheltered for practicing and learning to kayak, canoe or sail, in most weather conditions.


Launch at Kawakawa bay.

Kayaking is a great way to access the park.


Waharau is a popular spot for kayak fishing.


Waitawa Regional Park is part of the sea kayak Te Ara Moana 'the sea-going pathway'.


Enjoy a paddle around the Puhoi Estuary or along the Puhoi River, but be mindful of getting stranded on the mud flats close to low tide.

The boat ramp area at the north end of the main car park is a great spot to launch into the Puhoi Estuary.

Wenderholm beach is often calm and is a great place to launch from.

You must carry the vessels over the grass picnic area.


Waiheke Island's many inlets and little bays make it a kayaker's paradise.