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Ture ā-Rohe mo nga Tohu 2022

Signs Bylaw 2022

The Signs Bylaw regulates promotional signs. This ensures they are safe, do not cause a nuisance and keep Auckland looking good.

You should know

From 26 May 2022, this bylaw (and associated controls) combines and replaces the Auckland Council and Auckland Transport Signage Bylaw 2015 and the Auckland Transport Election Signs Bylaw 2013.

The 2022 signage bylaw retains the intent of most of the rules in the 2013 and 2015 bylaws. It is now easier to understand and comply with.

Key changes include:

  • allowing election signs for up to nine weeks prior to an election
  • prohibiting election signs on any side boundary fence with an open space zone
  • allowing all energy trusts in Auckland (for example, Entrust and Counties Power Consumer Trust) to display election signs
  • requiring community event signs on private property to relate solely to the event. They must also be displayed only in the area local to the event
  • increasing the portable sign ban area in the central business district to cover all council-controlled public places in the city centre zone
  • increasing the maximum flat wall-mounted sign area in heavy industry zones
  • allowing temporary sale of goods signs (for example ‘garage sales’).

For more information on the decision to make a new signs bylaw, visit AK Have Your Say/signs-bylaw.

What the Signs Bylaw does

This bylaw dictates how signs can be used around Auckland.

It shares rules about signs on both private and public land, referring to their:

  • type
  • location
  • number
  • size.

This bylaw contains:

  • specific rules about free-standing, verandah, wall-mounted, window, portable, stencil, poster, banner, real estate, event, election and vehicle signs
  • special rules for signs in major recreational facility zones and open space zones, in addition to signs about commercial sexual services
  • general rules that apply to all signs about:
    • illumination
    • changeable messages
    • public safety
    • nuisance
    • movement of traffic and vessels.

What the Signs Bylaw does not do

This bylaw does not manage:

  • signs not visible from a council-controlled public place, motorway or state highway (for example, signs on a shop only visible within a privately-owned shopping centre)
  • signs on or over a motorway or state highway
  • billboards regulated in the Auckland Unitary Plan
  • certain instructional, regulatory, public wayfinding and educational signs (for example, information signs required by statute or for public safety or security)
  • traffic control devices.

Get a copy of the Signs Bylaw and controls

Get a copy of the former sign bylaws

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