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Animal Management Bylaw 2015

Ture ā-Rohe Tiaki Kararehe 2015

The Animal Management Bylaw enables Aucklanders to own animals in a responsible way.

You should know

We recently reviewed the Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw 2013. After considering the feedback from a public consultation, we moved some issues around animals to this bylaw to make them easier to find.
The updated Animal Management Bylaw will come into effect from 1 October 2019.
You can read the updated bylaw on this page, or see the Have your say page to read the feedback summary.

What the Animal Management Bylaw does 

The Animal Management Bylaw minimises impacts on animal owners' neighbours, protects public health and safety and prevents damage to land and property.

The bylaw:

  • requires every person who owns an animal to make sure it doesn't cause a nuisance or risk to public health and safety
  • specifies responsible hive management standards for beekeeping in urban areas
  • specifies standards for keeping chickens in urban areas
  • limits the number of poultry that can be kept on properties smaller than 4000 square metres in an urban area
  • requires anyone who wants to keep other stock - including pigs, sheep and goats - on properties smaller than 4000 square metres in an urban area to obtain a licence
  • specifies responsible horse riding standards for public parks and beaches
  • requires every person wanting to keep bees or graze stock in a public park to get permission from the council.

Get a copy of the Animal Management Bylaw