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Legacy on-site wastewater bylaws (now revoked)

We have removed the remaining four legacy bylaws that relate to the regulation of on-site wastewater management.

Why we revoked the legacy on-site wastewater bylaw

These bylaws have been made redundant due to the now operative Auckland Unitary Plan which regulates systems for Auckland. The bylaws were no longer required. The existing legislation also provides stronger enforcement powers.

The Unitary Plan on-site wastewater rules have been operative since 2016 and apply to all areas of Auckland. The plan provides permitted activities for how wastewater can be discharged as well as regulations for how on-site wastewater systems are operated and maintained.

The legacy bylaws are revoked as of 1 November 2018. They covered the former areas of North Shore City, Waiheke, Papakura and Rodney district councils. No regulations have been removed and residents of these areas are still required to adhere to the Unitary Plan regulations.

Get a copy of the Auckland Unitary Plan on-site rules


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